Saturday, 22 September 2012

How I Won The Lottery - Lottery Winning Success

Do you play the lottery and really want to win easier? If you do my story how I won the lottery may help your lottery winning success! Playing the lottery can fun or it can be very stressful depending on what you expect to win. Should you use a lottery system and get serious, do lottery systems actually work?, or is using a lottery system not worth the effort and added stress of playing the lottery. This is what I went through for a few years as I was just working in a warehouse 9-5 and basically just making ends meet. I of course I played the lottery games weekly ands won a few dollars now and then, but I really wanted to be wealthy and have a few nice high end vehicles and a Estate type home, which I never would have just working, so I got serious!

I decided it is worth trying to win the lottery big time and would need to educate myself as to how to make this a reality. I started browsing tons of lottery forums and blogs to see what strategy other lottery winners have used to win the lottery. What I found was lots of fake reviews on many systems that claimed to work great, but in fact were not winning any lottery games. I began testing system after system with no luck, I was getting frustrated, I really wanted to purchase that winning lottery ticket that would change my life and make my dreams come true! I did not give up and throw in the towel, no I soon realized that all of the lottery systems I was trying were all sold by affiliates, this would explain why tons of reviews on these garbage systems state they work like magic, I was finally getting smarter and knew I would have to find only lottery systems with good reviews, that had no affiliates selling them, so the lottery system reviews would in fact be real.

This hunt for systems that produced real lottery winners was very time consuming, but I finally lucked out and found 2 lottery systems that others were highly recommending and even showed some real winning lottery tickets that they won using these superior legit systems. I decided to buy both systems and use them every lottery draw to hopefully hit winning lottery numbers more frequently. I was indeed proud of myself for finding these particular lotto systems as my luck seemed to change for the better almost over night. I played the lottery using both systems as directed and in about 2 months time had won over $6000 pure profit, and after 5 months had made another $5000 or so added to my lottery winnings, I was very happy, so I continued to play this way for a while, then I went in big time using the lottery wheeling system I had purchased almost 8 months ago using their Max Play lottery wheels to purchase many lottery tickets to try and hit the big one! To make a long story shorter, I did hit a big lottery cash prize on that lottery draw, one of my tickets had all five winning lottery numbers and the bonus number which won me a cool $100,000 just 1 number away from the big lottery jackpot of $6000,000 dollars which I am possitive down the road I am going to hit one day with the help of my 2 best friends, the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels wheeling system. These systems really work and do win lotteries! I known I will be living the lottery life I want soon.

This story/review you just read was sent to us and after all was verified to be true, we posted it as we also use and recommend the Lotto Guy system and Smart Play system, these gambling systems are real lottery systems developed by real experts, that is why they work so well. These systems have no affiliates selling them, so all reviews are trustworthy!