Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Lottery How To Win 5 Lottery Numbers

Bought your weekly lottery Tickets hoping for at least a 3 lotto numbers winner, but as usual hit only 2 lotto numbers or no lotto numbers. This scenario is all to common and is a clear sign you need to learn more about lotto and the proven lotto strategies on how you can win the lottery.

To win the lottery means you must hit at least 3 lotto numbers that were drawn. This will only win you a very small cash prize and will never make you rich. You must routinely hit 4 lottery numbers and 5 lottery numbers frequently to get wealthy. We have checked out to see which strategy or lotto system is winning lottery games around the world as Georgia Lottery, PA Lottery, Texas Lottery, Florida Lottery, VA Lottery, California Lottery, German Lottery, Australian Lottery, Atlantic Lottery, and many others. There seems to be one major lottery system that is recommended and is winning these lottery games world-wide, it's called the Lotto Guy Lottery System and is a tested and proven top rated system, the best there is.

This excellent 3 step lotto system is not a common usual lottery software system, yes, it was developed from award winning software, but put into the form of a very unique 3 step system that works like magic to hit lottery winning numbers. Hitting a 5 lottery numbers winning lotto ticket is very common with this system, try that with any other lottery system and you will fail over and over and that's a proven fact!

The chances of winning the lotto with silly lottery systems as the Lotto Black Book, Lottery Circle Software, Formula 1 Lotto System, Silver Lotto system, Beat The Lotto system, Win Lotto Systems software, Lotto Cash Machine and many others is highly unlikely! All of these systems have been tested and proven to fail at winning anything.

To re-cap how to win 5 lottery numbers, use a top quality lottery system as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, then go get your lotto tickets, check your lottery results for your lotto game to see if you are a lottery winner, go to lottery retailers collect your winning lottery cash prize, it's really that easy.

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