Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Winning Lotto Secrets Revealed!

How to win the lottery, that's number one question when it comes to playing the lottery. How many lottery players worldwide play the lottery? Look at the United States, with a huge population of about 308 million people and almost all play some type of gambling or lottery game. A recent survey revealed that when the lottery jackpots for lottery games are very high, as many as 85%-90% of the population purchase a lottery ticket or two. That’s about 260 million people who actually play the lotto and of course have a chance to be the nest lottery winners! This is a tremendous amount people playing the lottery against you, so you need to apply a lotto strategy or lottery method to obtain an advantage over the majority of lottery players.
Fortunately for you, most people who play the lottery really have no idea how to select a lottery ticket or lottery numbers. They do not use a logical system, they just pick lottery numbers according to dates, birth dates, ages plus more ways you simply would not believe. Their sheer mass gives them a big competitive edge over you, someone is going to win no matter what, it should be you. This is why it’s very important to use a successful proven lottery system to get a solid advantage, so you may the next lottery winner.
Listen up! If you really want to get ahead of the competition playing any lottery game, you must use a system, but how do you go about choosing the best system? The correct way is very simple, you use ONLY a tested and proven system. A good lottery system should be able to keep producing multiple wins consistently within as little as 4-10 weeks. Wheeling systems have a big advantage over most systems as they are designed for multiple wins.  A very successful lottery wheeling system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels can give even the first time lottery player good to very good lottery results and is a very highly recommended system to use by lottery experts. You must however be very careful when picking a lottery system to use, as many sellers will use false advertising to lure you in, just grab your cash and you get a useless system.
 Lottery software type systems. The only advantage of using these types of systems is they offer you faster information. You can always get the same information for free at your lottery statistic game main website and save your money. If you do it yourself it will only takes a few minutes so no big deal. Lottery software systems only give you past drawn lottery numbers or  frequently drawn numbers, and the less frequently drawn numbers, also called lottery analysis. This type of systems do NOT increase your odds to win lotto very much, only about 1-2%. I have seen many of these lotto software prediction systems claiming their systems will give you a 92% or 96% or even a 98% win rate. Do not believe this, it is totally false, NO reputable lottery system in the world can do this, and the absolute highest win rate for the best systems is around 20%-30% tops, so do not be fooled!